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Q Luis Napoles, 630 E. Paso Fino Cir., Clewiston, FL 33440; 786-231-9833; luisnapoles@gmail.com

Hello Residents of Montura Ranch Estates...

I'm running for re-election for Central County Water Control District, Seat 2

During this past 4 years, you have seen me at the front lines helping the Community of Montura Ranch Estates, I do it because I care and I have done my best.

like always, my doors are open for you and your comments or ideas are of great value to me, as they help me make an educated decision on my vote.

Please consider voting for me again and I will continue to do my best in making Montura a great place to live.

Luis E. Napoles

"A Veteran Who Cares...!!!

Q Rolando “Roly” Gonzalez, 825 N. Brida St., Clewiston, FL 33440; 786-704-5535; monturasvoice2020@yahoo.com

Q (Rep) Ramon Iglesias, 910 Sawgrass St., Clewiston, FL 33440; 863-599-0460; ramon4hendry@gmail.com


Q (Dem) Johnny Jackson, 1046 Virginia Ave., Clewiston, FL 33440; 863-228-3279; johnnyjackson4357@yahoo.com

Q (Npa) Ricky Garcia, P O Box 1225, LaBelle, FL 33935; 239-404-4827; rmgarcia730@aol.com

Q (Rep) Michael Swindle, 7580 West US 27, Clewiston, FL 33440; 863-228-0145; mswindle@hotmail.com

Q Denise Miller, 615 N. Cabbage Palm St., Clewiston, FL 33440

Q Daniel E. Santiago, Jr., 635 S. Palomino St., Clewiston, FL 33440; 239-810-6951; officer0305d@gmail.com

Q*(Rep) Steve Whidden, 2100 Scott Road, LaBelle, FL 33935; 863-673-0476; wewantwhidden@gmail.com

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