“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”

Sun Tzu

Or as we like to say in America: "The proof is in the pudding."

This expression means that the best way to find out if something is good or successful is to test it yourself....!

Below are copies for our contract with Google.

"If people dont come / visit - Google dont get paid...!"

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My name is Luis E. Napoles, WebMaster of I know how to work the internet system and put a location on the map. in this case Montura Ranch Estates in Hendry County Florida.

We... like the city people, we need services, like local Real Estate Agents, electricians, plumbers, landscaping, ect, ect. and that is the concept of this web site. Only local information and listing - "we don't care how they do it up north" - we want to list businesses that will come to the woods and make money and / or help local residents sale a chicken or two - additionally we love to go to town and eat or buy supplies...! - We have added links to "town" if we don't have the service / place locally.

Work with us... we offer many free services and posting on a platform that is view on search engines in the state of Florida, people l@@king, and we show them what they are looking for. So the next time you have a job offer in Hendry County or a Community Service for Hendry County, send us the information, we will post it "FREE" - no strings attached...!

If... you want some of our "money" in Montura Ranch Estates, advertised with us, don't think you will find a better system for the price. From $0.25 per day, with no charge to created your ad's (with a year contract) - we can't guaranty that people will buy from you, but we surely do our best for them to see you...! (NOTE: There is no minimal days to advertise with us, rates do go up on short terms)

Please note: Our WebSite is tune in for "cellphone" as the majority (80%) of our visitors are using them. The WebSite will work fine in a regular computer, but it l@@ks a little funny. We do our best to accommodate for the slow (bandwidth) signal of Montura Ranch Estates

Luis E. Napoles


(786) 231-9833

>>> We Are Not A Realtor, Agency or Broker - We Just Advertise Properties <<<

Advertising Rates

"ALL" the Community assistance, employment opportunity, event, notification or personal classified are free...! and it's fair that if you are receiving benefits (making money) I will get a share or feed for our services. We spend over $100.00 per month to "get customers / visitors" - look above for our contract with Google.

The team of

"The people that make this WebSite possible...!"

Humberto Cartaya

Luis E. Napoles

Most Important team member...!

And my guardian angel "Mariellen T - that send me the errors & typos corrections