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POSTED - 01/05/21

octavio gomez

Mon, Jan 4, 4:11 PM (11 hours ago)

to Webmaster

Good afternoon. I just wanted to post about my problems in Montura…..I love the community but the crime is unbearable …I just bought a lot 5 months ago had it cleared and brought in dirt for driveway had dirt stolen….made police report thought that would be the end of that. Well I was wrong. I paid to have the driveway done and last week someone stole my culvert pipe….how bad does it need to get in there before people start getting shot? Will Hendry put a sub station in there if not I am selling my land don’t want to live where I have to worry about my stuff….you have to get a handle of the crime if you ever want to develop into a nice community


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We will continue to do our best to put Montura Ranch Estates in the map of Hendry County

POSTED - 10 - 21- 20

F:ROM : Sharon McClaskey

Great job Luis. This website has so much information for us residents and anyone looking to move here to Montura. Thank you for getting this done for the community.

We really needed this. Kudos Luis!


Sharon McClaskey

POSTED - 10/07/2020

Maria Castillo

Mr. Napoles this is great all information at our fingertips.

I greatly appreciate all you are doing for us here in Montura Ranch Estates. Thank you once again

Thu, Oct 1, 5:54 PM

FROM : Octavio mez

I am buying property in Montura how do I go about getting key to pool and wooded area for riding atvs?

Luis Napoles <webmaster@montura.info>

Good morning Octavio...

You don't need a "key" for the pool or Clubhouse.

You do need to buy a key for the reservoir to ride your ATV - the requirements are on www.ccwcdfl.com or you can just call the CCWCD at 873.983.5797

Welcome to the woods...! I believe that you and your family will enjoy Montura Ranch Estates Community

LEN -)-(-

Oct 1, 2020, 7:51 AM

FROM: Marvin Ribero

Buenos días Mr Nápoles,

Acabo de comprar un lote en Montura, y espero poder desarrollarlo como una casa de campo para el fin de semana, y eventualmente mudarme a vivir allá. Ya medio entiendo como es el funcionamiento de la comunidad, pero no sé quién puede votar para elegir representante en el CCWCD, solo quien vive en Montura?


Marvin Ribero

Luis Napoles <webmaster@montura.info>

Buenos días. ...

Bueno si eres propietario de tierra , si puedes votar por (3) posición de Supervisor. (una en estos momentos)

Bienvenido al monte...!

LEN -)-(-

09/19/20 - Mariellen T

Thank you for undertaking the long overdue communication for Montura. Keep up the good work

09/16/2020 - Favio Rivera

"This website is fantastic. Good job old man. You still have it in you. Oops...! Wrong choices of words!!" Lol

This Is Nice...!

Courtesy of Mr. Favio Rivera



You need to add more lots / land for sale, you don't have a selection available.

09/08/20 - Roly Gonzalez

Add a wetmap to show low level areas of Montura Ranch Estates.



09/07/20 - Monica Torres - (DONE)

Help homeless pets Dogs Cats..etc - i will take pictures and you can post.


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